Shea’s Specialty Cocktails

Hot Buttered Rum ~ 8.5

Rum with our special hot butter and spice mix.

Citrus Cranberry Delight ~ 8.5

Grand Marnier, Citron Vodka, cranberry juice, ginger ale, lime juice.

Shea’s Lounge ~ 7.5

Malibu Island Spice, pineapple juice and soda.

Hot Buttered Rum ~ 8

Rum mixed with our secret warm butter and spice mixture.

Greyhound Crush ~ 9

Vodka, St-Germain, mulled grapefruit.

Pumpkin White Russian ~ 8.5

Our own spiced pumpkin infused Vodka, Kahlua, milk.

Golden Green Apple Martini ~ 9

Whiskey, Green Apple Pucker, white cranberry juice.

Spiced Pumpkin Martini ~ 9

Our own spiced pumpkin Vodka, dash of apple cider.

White Cosmo ~ 8.5

Vodka, white cranberry juices, triple sec, splash of lime juice.

Pineapple Finny Martini ~ 8

Pineapple infused Vodka ~ House Favorite.

Hot & Dirty Martini ~ 8.5

Ketle One Vodka dirtied with olive juice and spiced with our favorite Key West Hot sauce.

The A-Team ~ 7.5

Coconut rum, Ketel One Orange Vodka and fruit juices.

Main St. Lemonade ~ 7.5

Citron Vodka, Amaretto, sour mix, sprite.

Moscow Mule ~ 7.5

Stoli Vodka, ginger beer, lemon.

Caipirinha (kai-pir-een-ya) ~ 7.5

Boca Loca Cachaca, with muddled lime and sugar.